Haunting At Office

Hi, I would like to relate to you about the experiences at my work place. My office had an fatal accident during the building process. What happened was the crane broke and slammed into the side of the building, killing 1 Indian man and 1 Thai guy. As my office got shift works, some of my colleagues saw the Indian man but never the Thai guy.

1) During one night shift, my colleague was smoking at the corner, away from the security camera, enjoying the view of the western sea. From his corner of his eyes he saw a figure he turned and saw one Indian man looking at him. He was drenched & looking kinda sad. My colleague got shocked cos he knows that there isn’t any Indian guys working night shift that day! My colleague was paralyzed with fear, couldn’t move, couldn’t run cos the figure was standing at the only exit. After a while, that Indian guy seem to be talking to him but there wasn’t any vocal at all after his speech he turned and disappeared.

2) Another colleague was having his late supper at 3am at the pantry again he saw the Indian man standing away in the distance, looking kinda sad as though trying to communicate with him after a while, the figure also disappear.

After those incidents became talk of the town within my office most people did not want to work night shifts hence the management scrapped night shifts till now.

Latest craze in my office apparently spirits have been taking the form of normal humans, appearing to my colleagues, as one of my colleagues.

1) Colleague A went to the ladies and saw B combing her hair they strike a conversation then B went in to the cubicle to do business. A left the toilet and went back to her workplace. Suddenly she saw B was at her workstation!!!! A then asked B how come she much faster than her but B replied that she had not left for the toilet the whole morning!

2) C saw A at a distance tried calling out for her but A walked much faster after the corner, C thought tat A had gone back to her workstation when C reached A’s workstation. There wasn’t anyone C asked around for her but was told that A didn’t came to work today and had applied for E leave!!!!

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