Not My Reflection

I stayed in a relatively old estate. So I expect some form of “activities” in my block.

This encounter spooked me the most. Although it isn’t in-your-face scary, but it did leave a mental scar on me.

My block was upgraded with lift doors with glass windows. At the time of the incident, the lift only operated on 3 levels, ground, mid and 2nd last floor.

I went home pretty late that night, possibly in the region of 10pm – 1am. I was the only one in the lift. As the lift was going up, I could see my reflection on the glass window against the black wall on the interior of the lift shaft.

I was bored and decided to stare really hard at my reflection. I know I was frowning a bit. After a short while… sh!t just got real…

I thought I saw my reflection smiled at me. Of cos I was shocked. My balls shot up from my nut sack and up to my throat. I immediately, stepped away from the glass window. The split seconds I after I moved, I could almost still see that my reflection didn’t “catch up to my movement” and is still sporting a slight smile staring at me of cos.

A short lift journey felt extremely long by then. I dared not looked at the glass window. Once the doors open, I dashed out and ran to my unit. I scared myself shitless for sure.

I fell ill for a couple of days after that. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the shock, induced psychologically, or from the “encounter”.

It has been a few years since the encounter, and I couldn’t be sure whether my eyes are playing tricks on me. But I had strong feeling my reflections smiled.

I tried to rationalize that it could just be paranoid. And because the walls of lift shaft are not smooth, the reflections seemed to shift as well…

But… I never stared at my reflection ever again. Even recounting this sends chills all over my body.

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