NTU Hall 11 Thub Thub Girl

This is a story shared by my friend who resided at hall 11. People have seen the girl standing by the stairs heading towards hall 11 many times and some pictures like the above have been taken by some of them to prove it. 

The story happened to my friend at hall 11, where the doors are all in a row. On her first night, she was suddenly awakened by knocking on the dorm doors. She hears “Thub thub”, and a girl knocking and asking if someone is there, when there is no answer, she moves to the next door. Though she was curious, she was a little afraid as well. She just kept quiet and listened to the girl knock till the last door and went away.

The next morning, she asked her senior about the incident last night. The senior explained that there was a girl who lived in hall 11. But one night she quarrelled with her boyfriend and was very upset. She wanted to talk to someone, so she went knocking on the doors of the other girls begging them to talk to her. But since it was very late in the night, no one bothered. The girl committed suicide by jumping of the top floor.Her senior explained that the girl landed on her head first.

After hearing this, my friend was very afraid. But her senior told her not to be afraid, just ignore the “girl” and not make any noise.

That night, around the same time, my friend heard the knockings again. It went.”Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?” No reply, she moved on to the next door. “Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?” As the “girl” moved closer & closer to her room, my friend got so afraid that she decided to hide under her bed.

“Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?” The girl is just next door. And suddenly “Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?”

“Ah! I finally found someone to talk to!!”

And my friend fainted upon hearing it. She woke up the next morning and straight packed out to stay at her own house until she got a rental room to stay near to NTU.

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