Haunted School Toilet

I’ve a few experiences which still gives me the goosebumps till now. When i was in secondary school my school wanted to give us a new room for our club. So a friend and i went up to clean it. As we were washing the floor i suddenly heard the sound of a radio being switched on, and then Chinese music (i thought it was guzheng) started playing. I looked at my friend in fright, and when i saw her face i realized she heard it too. Both of us screamed and ran down the stairs to our old room where the rest of our friends are waiting. Later we heard that the seniors a few batches before us wanted to use that room also, but every time after they lock up they will hear music playing, that’s why we shifted downstairs.

I was really freaked.

Another time i was in JC, and it was around 5 plus. A friend and i went to the washroom near our school’s admin office, and i used the handicapped toilet while she waited outside because the other toilets there were for staff and we weren’t supposed to use it. When i was inside using the toilet i suddenly heard a little girl calling ‘hello hello’ and then singing. And it felt like it was coming from the direction of the flush! I was super scared. When we went out we checked the surroundings, and my friend said she saw no small kids. Later when i told my friend he told me that when the drama club hold performances they always prayed first, because once they didn’t, and when they were closing up they saw an old woman and a small girl sitting in the front row looking at the stage as if watching the performance. He then teased me that it was the little girl i heard, but believe me, it wasn’t funny to me at all.

And the most recent was just last year. My sister and i share a room, and during the seventh month, my sister will suddenly come out of the toilet and ask me why do i keep calling out to her, and I’m puzzled because i never did. Little things like this keep happening, like we hear weird noises. But though we were a little spooked we took no heed, because we figured it was our home should be relatively safe. But the last straw was when one night at 12 plus when we were chatting this strong stench suddenly fill the room. It smelt of really bad vomit, and we were trying to find out where it came from but couldn’t. The next day we told our parents, and they said usually when there are spirits whose presence can be ‘felt’ by a smell. My parents got the medium to do some rituals, but my sister and i took no chances, we bunked in with our brothers!

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