My Tekong Encounter

I am a Christian and hold dear to the promise that I’m a child of God and is protected from evil forces. Whilst this still holds true even till today, I came to realized through a few incidents that even though you are protected by God, doesn’t quite mean that you can’t see the results of these manifestations.

The string of incidents happened to me while I was serving NS in Pulau Tekong, this was around 2002? It was around 11 plus at night and everyone was in bed asleep. The lights were all out. I woke up cos I wanted to go to the toilet, the general rule in army is, whenever you need to go anywhere, even to the toilet, you better go along with your buddy. But I’m the sort that do not like to trouble people and besides I barely know my buddy. So i decided to go to the toilet alone. After all, God will protect me.

In Tekong, we live in bunks, the bunks are built kinda like flats but smaller scale. My bunk was on the 3rd floor furthest away from the toilet. So I had to walk past all the other bunks to get to the toilet. There are 4 bunks on each floor. When I reached the last bunk, I saw another person who was talking on his hp along the corridor outside the bunk. He saw me and asked if I’m going to the toilet, I said yes and he said he also wanted to go. So we went together. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

We went into the toilet, did our thing at the cubicles and was washing our hands when suddenly the shower came on in one of the shower cubicles. The shower is those kind that you need to push the button for it to come on. My friend looked at me and asked, “It’s so late, who could be showering?”. I said, I do not want to know but lets get out of here. We walk out quickly. This is damn scary because there is a difference if there is a person in the shower cubicle and the shower comes on, the sound is distinct from that when nobody is there and the shower comes on. There was definitely nobody in there when the shower came on. And besides, nobody is allowed to be awake at that time. Even our instructors do not shower in our toilets, they have their own bunk toilets.

Another incident that happened in the same toilet was when I was showering in the cubicle. Many people were showering so nothing scary there. What happened was whilst I was soaping myself halfway, I noticed that my shampoo bottle was missing. This is odd, cos I shampoo myself before soaping and it was there a minute ago. I quickly rinse myself and when the sound of the showers stopped. I realized that there was no longer anyone in the toilet but me. I put on some clothes and was on my way out hurriedly when I noticed my shampoo bottle is sitting in the next cubicle….

Gives me the creeps back then.

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