OCH Experience

Actually its more of an experience. A few years me and my team(SPT) went up there to investigate to obtain proof if that place is really haunted as rumoured.

Our team consist of only 3 members(the rest quited for obvious reasons!) We were armed with a night vision camera, sound recorder, and of cos the standard issue camera…

So we entered the Hospital, passing the guard’s table and we went to the morgue first(1st priority). Once we were down there a very strong odur of blood hit us and we knoe straightaway that an entity or multiple entitys are present. These spirits or entitys are classified as class 4 because they induced change in the environment but is still not seen. We scanned the area with our video camera and took some photos and moved on.

We then went up stairs to the 2nd story where we recorded strange sounds…. Sounds of trolley being pushed and moanings.( we later confirmed that we were the only ones there). As usual we took videos and pictures of the area and moved on.

We then stumbled into the operation theater(think it is) and the smell of blood hit us again but less pungent as in the morgue.

Next we went to the last storey( donno wat floor izzit) and the most happening things happened there. We got to saw small flashes of light and sounds of people talking. The next thing caused us to quickly exit the hospital and my friend almost shitted in his pants! Apparently one of my members suddenly felt very cold where the rest of us were sweating like pigs. Suddenly an invisible force brushed against him, causing him to loose balance and fall into the ground. He droppped his camera too. Next thing we did was to quickly walk down the stairs, get into my friend’s car and drove to changi village.

Later on we developed the photos and we reviewed the shots taked, at the same time, listening to the tape recorde and the video camera. We managed to capture some orbs and flashes of light on the photos. What astonished us is that in the morgue, we captured a huge amount of ectoplasm flowing from the trays and this stunned us a little.

The video camera reviewed little except for a few orbs and probable shadows(might be ours).

But what really frightened us is the tape recorder. We actually captured many sounds. Sounds of pple talking, moaning, screaming(faint and muffled) and the sound of trolleys pushing. After that experience which is our last, we splited and the group is now left with me.. the video and photos were distroyed by my other member beacuse he wanted to forget the whole incident. whats left is only the tape we recorded.

So my conclusion is that Old Changi Hospital is a very if not super haunted place. The rumours are true as we had experience it oursselves. We dont recommend people to go there either out of curiousity or for some cheap thrills, cos the spirits that haunt the place are quite strong(one of the strongest we encountered).

Glossary or terms….

classification of types of entitys

Class1 – Entitys that affect the environment through sounds heard(most common)

Class2 – Entitys that could be seen on films or captured on video cameras(eg. orbs –2nd most common)

Class3 – Entitys that could be seen by the naked eye.(potentially dangerous)

Class4 – Entitys that could manipulate the enviroment through smells, temperature variations, sudden chills, inexplanable gust of winds and electromagnetic waves… (usually cannot be seen but entity is strong and therefore potentially able to harm a living person recommended action is to walk away)

Class5 – Entitys that could manipulate or move objects such as chairs, slamming doors, floating objects etc…. another form of manifestation is called poltergiest(The most dangerous kind of spirits or entitys, most often can be felt by a living person as an invisible force. it is advised to evacuate or run for your lives if ever encounted!!!!)

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