It about me and my friend were going 2 the hospital 2 look at the graffiti.

As we were walking toward the entrance, we saw a black figure walking inside the hospital. We thought it was another group of children looking 4 the graffiti. We just leave them alone and keep looking for graffiti.

As we were walking towards one of the ward, we saw the ceiling fan still moving. My friends and i wondering how is it possible that the fan can still be moving as there is no electricity to operate the fan. My friend and i keep looking to the other ward. As we reached the ward, we found that there was condom all over the place. There were also packed of thing and we don’t know what is it. After enough looking 4 graffiti, we decided 2 go home.

As we reached the door, the door slam. We thought it was the wind. We tried 2 open the door but it did not budge to open. Then we heard sound of footstep at the staircase, then follow by a sound of all the door being slam. We were silence then we heard somebody talking 2 us. We were scared that we all ran to the ward exit door but it too did not budge to be open. Then we heard somebody laughing and coming near and nearer. One of my friends kick and kick the door. Suddenly the door open, we all run to the nearest bus-stop. The bus just arrive so we get on the bus and didn’t talked about it until the next day.

We Don’t Even Dare 2 Be Going In Anymore But Now That Hospital Has Been Taken By The Army.

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