Old Changi Hospital

It was a saturday evening, 4 of my friends and i were walking pass the old changi hospital. I remembered it was about 7.10pm when the Muslims believe that from 7 to about 7.30p.m, the Muslims were encourage not to go out from their house or stay in a shelter. This was because, the devil will disturb as it is the praying time for the Muslims, that is called, “Maghreb”. That day, one of my classmates have booked a chalet and my friends and i decided to go for a walk, to take some fresh air.

As we were chit chatting and making so much noise, as we are having fun, we don’t realized that we are going to pass by the old changi hospital. At first, my friend, S (a first alphabet of my friend’s name) told us not to pass it as it will be very eerie because the hospital is old. But most of us dare to pass by it, because we thought, just to pass by it, will not harm us!!! Since majority wins, we decided to just walk pass it and ignore the building. We were singing loudly the children’s song, that is baa baa black sheep, because we had nothing much to do to make our feeling bored gone.

Soon after singing it, all of us seems tired and just remains silence for a while. Suddenly, we heard a girl’s voice, a very sweet one, singing the song we just sang! We look at each other, thought that each of us were making making fun of us. But when i look at each and one of them(my friends), they seems so shocked. But what makes us shiver, is when we turn around looking at the staircase, and saw, a little girl, wearing white gown with blood spots, carrying a cute teddy bear, walking down the stairs towards us. And there goes the song, coming from her mouth. We were all so frightened as we ran like mad dogs, to the chalet and told the rest of my friends in the chalet.

My friend’s mother told us that rumors spread, that there was once a girl, died from falling from the staircase after she visited her ill mother at old changi hospital. The incident happened after her father had committed suicide.

I first don’t believe what i saw, maybe it is my imaginations. But, it could be real as many of the travelers saw it before.

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