Pontianak At TTSH

This was told to me by my 3 brothers who witnessed the incident. Our late father was admitted to Tan Tong Seng Hospital last year in Aug 01. It was at night that he was admitted. All left the hospital at 11.30 pm. As there was not a cab seen entering the taxistand, they decided to take a walk to the main road. There was alot of trees along the main road (Moulmein Rd?) outside Tan Tong Seng Hospital.

As they were waiting for a cab to come by…one of my brothers suddenly saw a pontianak seated on the branch on one of the trees behind them. He was so shocked and speechless. He looked at the other brother next to him and gave him eye contact. My other brother also looked up and he stared blankly at the pontianak. The other brother wondering what happened looked too by which time the pontianak was already hopping to another part of the branch. This brother is brave and told the other two to give chase as the pontianak was hopping from one tree to another. The other two brothers instead ran as fast as they could from there and never turned back. My brother also joined them and they didn’t utter a word about it until the next day.

They told my mum about it..and soon all of us know about it. When I asked my brothers..only one of them is willing to narrate it…the others are too scared to talk about it. Even now when I asked my other brothers…they refused to talk about it…scared stiff I guess!

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