Old Man Knocking On The Door

This is told by my grandma, who for many years was a disciple at one of the temples in the east. I don’t exactly know what she did or learnt, but I recall seeing her dressed in grey robes and beads once or twice every week and going to the temple. Anyway, grandma has always been dubbed the ghost-buster in the family; whenever there’s something wrong with someone, she’d come and do some offerings etc and then things will be OK again.

Grandma stayed alone in a one room flat. Across the corridor lived an old man, their main doors faced each other and the doors remained opened during the day time, so they communicated mostly through the grills. The man’s son would bring him back to his house for a short stay every now and then, so during that period of time the door would remain shut for a few days.

On one such occasion, the old man was gone for a couple of days and my grandma didn’t think much of it. That night around 2 plus 3, she was awakened by a banging on her door. Someone was rattling the grills and knocking urgently on the door. She heard the old man’s voice, “ah soh, please let me in, I’m very cold and hungry.”

My grandma replied, “it’s late already, I want to sleep, please don’t disturb me.”

“Please let me come in, I just want something to eat, I’m very hungry.”

My grandma knew something wasn’t quite right, so she kept repeating, “don’t disturb me already la,” and she went back to sleep while the knocking and begging persisted.

In the morning, grandma woke up and noticed a commotion outside her flat. The old man’s son was standing outside the man’s flat with a couple of social workers who worked at the senior activity centre downstairs. Apparently the social workers came to pay the old man a visit but no one opened the door, so they called the man’s son.

After the son unlocked the door, they found that the old man had passed away in the flat a couple of days ago.

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