The Missing Customer

I was working in Parkmall shopping center. It was a chain of personal care stores. I was working behind the cashier alone while my supervisor is in the store room. Only 2 of us. I was clearing some customers when I noticed a customer walked in. I was thinking “nbccb. Wanna close shop still walk in and buy things”.

I was preparing to pull the shutter down when she walked in. So I cleared the queue and stare at the door (only one door) with the intention of pulling the shutter once the customer leaves the shop. I waited and thought want to “rush” her.

So I move and try to find her. She was just behind my cashier and in the direct line of sight of the store room. I decided at the last second not to engage her and went back to staring the door at the cashier. Then my supervisor came out and looked and me strangely. “Why you dont close the shop?”. I stared at her and say “got customer leh”

“What customer? Where is the customer?”

Then i quickly ran around the whole store, checking every inch of the store and then quickly close the shutter with my supervisor giving me puzzled looks.

There is no way that the customer can move out of the store without me knowing as I was staring at the door the entire time, eager to pull the shutter down.And my supervisor when she open the store room, she will have direct line of sight to the customer

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