One Thursday Nite

Couple of years back, I was sitting with my ex at Pasir Ris Park just chatting and laughing. It was rather late, around midnight on a Thursday night. We were sitting facing the fishing pond and near it was a huge tree. For no reason, I felt I had to look at the tree. I saw on its branches, a huge white owl. You guys know that the owl is said to be one of the forms the Pontianak loves to assume. It was looking straight at us but I just pretended not to see. My ex who realized that I’d gone quiet followed my gaze and exclaimed ‘Eh Na, apa tu kat atas pokok?’ (Eh Na, what’s that up on the tree?) I cursed under my breath, he had to say that! I got up, told him to walk to the bridge and just walk calmly.

It was too late, I saw the thing start to take flight, this time it had reassumed its original shape. What started as the 2 of us walking away calmly (I was calm, he was going to faint) turned into us running like mad for the nearest void deck where we thought we’d be safe. We were wrong, the thing followed us and was just above our heads. I grabbed him and we must have run across nearly half of Pasir Ris until we reached the central. Thank God there were still lots of people around. I did turn around and I saw the thing hovering in the air quite a distance back, it had stopped following us.

My ex did get hell from me that night, I didn’t care that he was crying like mad. The story had ended for him and he left but there was more for me…That night, I couldn’t sleep. Tossing & turning, sweating all over though the fan was on full blast. It was then I heard it, a soft knock on my window. The clock said 2.30 am, who’d knock at my window (I was on the 5th floor), my house wasn’t even a corridor type. The knocks grew louder and I heard my name being called. I wanted to scream but my voice was caught in my throat and I couldn’t even say any prayers! I started crying but I willed myself to stop (no way was it scaring me) and calmed myself down. I got up, stood in the middle of the room and just stared at the window, through the curtains I could make out a shape of something white hovering, the thing from the park. Perhaps it finally gave up on scaring me (believe me, I was already pissed at that time) coz the knockings ceased. I got back into bed and slept like a baby.

I told my family about it and my mom agreed my sheer stubborness was just too much for anyone or anything to bear, haha…That thing never did go away, though it never disturbed me anymore but my neighbours all complained about something knocking on their windows, up till today…

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