Pasir Ris Dr 1 Blk 530

When I first moved to Pasir Ris Dr 1 Blk 530, I was a bit reluctant to leave my old flat in Haig Rd. Who won’t?! All my good friends are living in that area too. So, I dreaded moving to a new place and to make it worse it is in the far east. It was in 2018 when I moved. 

My aunt, who seemed to have a high tendency of getting “teased” by those beings, decided to spent a night at my house the 2nd day we moved in after all the open house thingy we conducted. Nothing much happened. She slept near the door in my room which is shared with my younger sis.

She’s the case where as soon as she hits the pillow, she’s fast asleep. It was around midnight then. I am up still doing my homework and my younger sis still playing her sega game on the telly. Then it happened. My aunt suddenly shout hysterically like as if someone beat her up or something. My parents quickly come to my room and tried to shake her to wake up (all the while she’s shouting, her eyes are shut).

When she did wake up finally, she cried. She told us (all of my family members are wide awake at this time) that someone is pulling her hair and dragging her to and fro from my bedroom till the kitchen and back again to my bedroom. But all this while, I just seen her shouting in her sleep. No movement whatsoever. She can’t make out who drag her but she said that it’s so powerful that with one thug of her hair she’s been drag far away from the bedroom.

My parents (known for their egos) decided that it’s just her imagination and dream. They just tells us to go back to sleep. I just can’t, MIND YOU…. it happened in my room! My mum accompany my aunt to stay up in the living room.

I did not know if my aunt is telling the truth but she seemed to be disturbed everytime she sleep over to either my house or my another aunt house which is also in PASIR RIS. Both in which she sensed that someone is pulling her hair or her leg. But for sure I am not pulling your leg…:).

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