Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 245

In my whole family it is really common to see the unexpected… I got the first glimpse of it when i was five years old. Luckily for me everyone believed me as my dad is able to “see” and my granny is also a “third eye” person…

I learnt about this “third eye” by my chinese friend. I’m muslim and to us its really common to have this…

But i will never forget about the first time when i saw IT.

When i was 5 years old, my mom and dad were very poor people.. We lived in a very small HDB flat in ang mo kio ave 3… (its just behind mayflower primary school) The flat now itself is demolished, and i have long moved out but i will never forget that place….

We lived on the 13th floor and my neighbour is a chinese exorcists… EverydaY at 7pm (during our prayers time) i can hear many loud gigglings sounds… I look up to the ceiling of my house.. and at the four corvers of the walls i can see a red creature, with horns, quite small, it can flick its tail like a goldfish can….it will be clinging to the corners or the ceiling at it will cackle loudly….. I will cry and scream to my daddy and point to the four walls shouting “momok, momok” which means ghost in malay…

Then one night something terrible happened.. I cannot forget this as long as i live.. I woke up in the middle of the night.. I could hear alot of children screaming and giggling…….. ….

This is normal, my neighbour next door kept alot of this toyols which really drive my mom and dads angry whenever their “things” comes over to our house… Anywaes, there was more than usual screaming and giggling and i was lying on the bed next to my mom… I woke my mom up…. Her back was facing me. She didn’t turn around.. She just asked me whats wrong… I told her i can’t sleep. Those kids are keeping me awake.. She told me to wait while she go check it out… She never did turn around to look at me… My mom just raised from the bed… Stood up and vanished into the wall!

I screamed as loud as i can.. I was sobbing uncontrollbly and my dad woke up and hugged me and asked me what happended.. At the same time, my mom my, my REAL MOM came running from the kitchen and asked me whats wrong.. At that time, i refuse to beleive she is my real mom. I refused to let her touch me……

I couldn’t sleep that nite and i got a very, very high fever… In the morning, my dad was raving mad. He went next door with an axe and woke my neighbour up and told him that if he ever harm my family again, my dad will KILL him.

And u noe wat, the neighbour died the next day.

But my dad was home the whole day!

We panicked and freaked out and we moved away from there… That was the last nite i spent in that house….

From that day onwards…i think my third eye was “triggered”.

I could be walking in town and i could see something in a cape… or i see a small “toyol” across the street…

Or my friend could be talking and another face will appear next to him… Or i could be in pasir ris having a chalet, and i will see this lady in white always sitting by the beach always always staring out into the sea…

My story about that flat behind mayflower secondary school is as true as i can tell it. I’m not taught to lie and i will not lie. If anyone does not believe… u can always check for a series of flats behind mayflower primary.. And if u are good at research, try finding if there really was an exorcist who lived on the 11th floor.

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