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I was never a strong believer of superstitions. I used to laugh whenever the subject ghost was brought up and discussed until one day I saw a ghost with my own eyes.

It all happened one night at around 11:50 pm. I had gone to Hong Kong for business matter and was on my way home from the airport. Tired and worn out, I was eager to get home for a warm bath and a good sleep. When i reached my block, it was already 1:05 am. I was ten yards away from the lift when i saw a long haired Chinese woman enter ahead of me.

Not willing to waste any time waiting for the next lift, I called out for the door to remain open, while i drag my big and heavy luggage and clumsily made my way into the lift. I made it, but on turning back with a weary smile ready to thank her for waiting for me, I was astounded to find myself alone in the lift!! Where was the lady? Puzzled and confused, shook my head and told myself that i must be really tired.

When I arrived at my house, i was greeted by my mum and i told her what happened in the lift. At first, she looked somewhat amused, but when I described the look and dress of the woman, she suddenly became serious. Then, she told me that the lady had plunged to her death five days ago. She was found dead at the foot of the block in the same dress i had seen her in. I had seen a GHOST!!

Now, whenever people talk about ghosts, I don’t laugh anymore. Hope this story is interesting…

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