Pasir Ris Secondary

When our first day of school we have an orientation camp in our school. The most unusual thing had happened to us. It begins when we decided to explore the school………

The senior students has told us to stay away from the 3rd floor toilet at the old building. But they never told us the reason why….? It happens at about 3am when the four of us, Hilmi, Amir, Restu and i were still awake….We decided to explore our new school cause all of us were feeling very bored.

When we reached the 3rd floor, we decided to explore the toilet which our seniors does not allow us to go into. Just as we enter the toilet…it was very, very dark and we could feel the eerie atmosphere around us. We started to take a look inside the cubicles. Just as we were exploring the 3rd cubicle….we suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the last cubicle that is the sound of the toilet flushing…..All of us began to panic. Hilmi told us to remain calm. So….the four of us decided to see what is happening inside the last cubicle. Amir take up enough courage and push open the cubicle door…we had never expected to see this…….a woman in white without legs and hands floating in the air and suddenly disappear into thin air……..

The four of us screamed like a mad person and sprint out of the toilet. We told our seniors about the incident….Our seniors then told us that a few boys had experience this incident before…..And because of this incident…..the 3rd story toilet were locked FOREVER……..

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