This story was encountered by my tution teacher at her the part-time job in the factory. It was during April 2001, after teaching me she would straight away go and head for her work. She needed to work extra as she needed the money for taking a degree. It was a thursday night. They were working as per-normal like they did every night is was about 1300 hours in the morning suddenly they were shocked by a laughter of a pontianak. My tuition teacher didn’t see the ghost but some of the workers saw the pontianak for real. She was warning everyone in her workplace to be careful, she was in a way warning them… then the next day work was as usual but everything changed when a group of ghost mom, dad, son, grandmother and grandfather came flying into the factory.

They possessed 5 people and they started going crazy and then, they started screaming scolding offensive words in malay and english. But one of the girl ran away to the desserted side of the factory and enter the far end of the toilet and locked herself up for 3 hours. She didn’t come out and no one dared to get her out… It was later known that those pacticullar woman were dirtying the pontianaks place which was at the staircase. They dirtied thier place and in the end they had to pay for the price soo.. if any one of you think of doing something silly in any place that u know is spooky better don’t UNLESS u ask for it….

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