There was once when a few of my friends and i stayed at another friend house. At 12 pm we was still playing cards and have not gone to sleep. Then one of the boys suggest going to the deserted malay cemetery which no body went before to explore. As we are all dare devils we agree. When we reach there, we have to walk past somebody house. The person staying there saw us and said in chinese,” You are really going in its very scary in the night i always heard somebody saying GIVE ME BACK MY BABY. You better not go in.” We did not heed the lady advise and went in. There was no way to go in so we jumped over the drain.

Once our feet touched the ground it was as cold as ice. We went deeper in and thats when the spooky part came out. A pontianak was wailling GIVE ME BACK MY BABY. We was very afraid. The pontianak was staring at us. We started running but no matter how we tried, we could not get out. The pontiank then say, “NO WAY U CAN EASCAPE ME U SHALL BE MY CHILDREN.” She floated towards us. We wanted to run but we can’t move. Suddenly the pontianak dissappered and we can move. We ran out of the cemetery. We ran all the way to my friend house. My friend mother asked where have we been all night. All night we wondered what happening. We been in the cemetery all night but i thought we was there for 5 mins. THIS IS TRUE. I still can’t forget the pontianak. It juz happen last month.

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