The Meeting

It wasnt a dark and stormy night like in all the other stories which are crap and not scary. I wasn’t alone that night. I was with my cousin and his fren. His fren had a short hair or the “G.I” style. My cousin was a timid guy. He was scared of everything eventhough he is 14. We are supposed to go to an abandoned house behind Siglap Mosque but my cousins frenz had not yet arrived. Some backed out at the last minute bcoz they were scared of meeting “cik ponti” atau “cik pontianak”. We three went there without the others as they were late.

We had to go through a dark and bushy valley. We looked up a raintree and saw a figure swinging on the tree. There was also a strong smell. My cousin farted. We all ran away from him and went straight to the house. There was a gate so we had to climb over it. The g.i guy said that he heard some cries from inside the house. It went “come in, come in”. The voice was pulling him into the house. He went bonkers. We saw more pontianak and there were smaller pontianaks. It was as though it was their daughters. We carried the guy out eventhough he was heavy as we didnt want anyone to be hurt. The pontianaks went after us and that guy regained consciousness. He lost consciousness upon seeing it again. We had to carry him all the way to the mosque. We lost them after that and that wasn’t the end of it. Continuation… next year.

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