Pontianak Rider

It was an usual night out with my girlfriend. We were having a wonderful time when she complained that she was not feeling too good. Well, being the gentleman as I am of course I send her home.

She was staying in Tampines and I had the choice of either using the TPE (Tampines Expressway) or to cut though the Old Tampines Rd. Since, it was quite late already, I decided to glide through TPE.

When we reached her place soon, I chatted with her parents for a while and left for home soon after. Now I had to decide on which route to take again. Since I was tired and hungry, I decided to take the Old Tampines Rd, being the shorter one and it is also near to Hougang where there are coffee place where i can take some snacks.

Nothing happened on the road though I must admit that I was feeling rather uneasy. Half way through, I was beginning to feel like something is sitting behind me. My bike was feeling heavier by the second and no matter how hard I turned the throttle, the 200cc bike could not go faster. I was running on full tank.

I was beginning to feel a little spooked. I sensed something is behind me and I felt something brushing on my neck. Come to think of it, it actually felt like hair! Well, I couldn’t sustain my curiosity and quickly turned my head to see what’s (or who’s) bothering me.

I had the shock of life. I saw someone, or something. I assumed it was a lady, in white, with long hair. MY GOD!!… IT’S A PONTIANAK!! I broke into cold sweat.

She was sitting on my bike, the “kampong” style, i.e. Her legs were not across the seat but instead she was seating on the side, her legs together and facing my right direction. Thank god I didn’t get to see her face!

I didn’t spend too much time “admiring” her. In the split second, I looked back in front and focused on the road. Kept praying to myself… Please GOD help me!!

Soon I reached the main road, thank God. I sped all the way home. One piece of advise for all bikers out there, NEVER take the Old Tampines Rd at night. Never!

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