Pulau Ubin

I went to Pulau Ubin last year somewhere Nov to Dec.. i went one time in the morning and another i went in the night and stayed over there..

In the morning i can sense em roaming around.. i just don bother as long they don harm me.. when i pass the particular place where they called it the Chinese graveyard its really spooks me out. I saw one of the tree leaves was turning by itself(there is no wind at that time) i just keep quiet and i told to one of my friend after the trip, he told me there have a lot of spirits and one of the lady like to catch human to stay with her.. also there is a accident spot where there alot of lives been taken away.

So i was shocked.. so the second time i went it was a night cycling with a group of good friends.. you should know at night they are super active some more i can see em.. before i go there i was been told by a master to prepare a holy water by chanting da bei zhou in case of possession (as you know that say is a spooky place) so i heed to his advise and prepare and bring along with me..

So we went there and have a happy cycling.. but out of realising that we are heading towards the Chinese graveyard.. i was panicking as i heard lots of people singing and noises (tat time already some where 1am plus still got who is there?)

Then i wanna to warn my friend in the end… i kena something… the spirits come and disturb me and one of my friend realise i am not right.. my face turn so pale and i was about to vomit.. my that friend of mine also can see things.. he saw something disturbing me.. he was panic too.. so we stop at shelter near the Chinese graveyard.. i have a friend who is a medium trying to help me to get rid of the thing but unfortunately cant.. i was too weak already.. i told my friend to open my bag to take out a bottle of water that i prepare with the chant.. he quickly take my water and spray on me.. within seconds i am fine..

My friends told me she left.. my friend who always with me told me that when i wanted to warn the friends she is not happy that i spoiled her plan and intend to possess my body.. but b4 it can do that, my friend already used to holy water to spray on me.. i was like “phew”..

So guys if you go along Chinese graveyard please be careful that side there is a lady loves to catch or lure human to accompany her.. if you happen to hear her singing or lure you pretend you cant see nor hear.. and refrain from speeding down the slope.. the slope there has lots of death occurs..

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