Old Tombstone

This story is from my encik (CSM) in army. I was from Armour and my camp was in Sungei Gedong, deep in the Lim Chu Kang area. It happened years ago when my encik was having his tank commander training.

In Lim Chu Kang Area D, there is this particular checkpoint called the Old Tomb. I’m sure anyone who trained before in that area will know about it. I have been to the old tomb before during one of the navigation trainings. It is a really grand and old tombstone standing by itself just in front of a road junction covered by some vegetation.

One night, while my encik and his driver were on a training mission in Area D, (Note: every tank has only 1 commander and 1 driver) his driver suddenly shouted to him “Sgt, there’s a brick wall right in front of our tank!” However, my encik could not see the brick wall and told his driver to just drive on.

Not wanting to disobey orders, the driver had no choice but to drive into the brick wall. Just as the tank was about to hit the wall, it broke down completely. My encik and his driver went down to check, and found that the old tomb was directly in front of the tank.

It seemed that someone was preventing the tank from running over the old tomb.

They tried to start the tank but it was totally down. When they tried to communicate over signals for help, all they heard was an eerie laughter in their CVC helmets. The rest of the night, my encik and his driver were stuck there in front of the old tomb with the eerie laughter in their headsets.

Both of them seemed to be stuck in twilight zone that night. They could not be found by the servicing crew until dawn. This is quite astounding because the location of the old tomb is very prominent in front of a main road junction. It was impossible not to be found by fellow soldiers. And when the mechanic tried to start the tank, it started instantly with the press of a button. There was nothing wrong with the tank at all.

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