Something Happen To Me

How shall i go about it? Well, most of you should know i do have some gift given. It’s happened on the seventh month, whereby me and my group from friends went to cck cememetry. We intend to have some spooky walk, but we have said that no matter what, we still have to give “them” respect.

They agreed, just nice during our walks, we saw quite a number of “sin tua” people (meaning those people who help in the temples), they’re in trance of “ah peks” walking around.

To my understanding, every seventh month or some days which there’s celebration, the temples will go in trance of “ah pek” to go round inspect.

Well, just nice we met them, out of couriousity we stood there and watch what are they doing. One of the “ah pek” passed an asian coin to my friend. And, he happily accepted.

After much, we continue our walks and enjoy the night breeze. Without realising it, the friend who is holding the coin saying some disrespect wording, i quickly stopped him and explained that the coin is meant for his protection and is a blessed to get this coin. However, they was teasing of it.

My intial thought was to sorry they are not mean to tease, they didn’t know the culture so hope they won’t get offended. Thought is still a thought.

Something really happens to me, after the incident i was on and off sick till one fine day.. i really down with a fever and this time its wasn’t that simple.

I had the fever for one week, and none of the doctors could explain why i have fever, and just prescrible me antibotic. i felt something not right, i suspect it’s got to do with something about the previous walk.

I quickly called up one of the master whom i know them quite sometime, and they were the one’s who helped me alot. I told them exactly what happened, the master asked me to come down and she’ll help me.

So, the next day i went to look for her, by than my fever was up and down, and my whole body is too weak. Legs like jelly…

The master asked me a few questions like “if you’re ask to trance, will you want to do it?” i was stunned with the question, so i replied “if necessary i will, but at the current moment i like the way i am”. After much questions been asked, the master brought me in front of the altar and asked me to sit on a chair and asked me to go on trance.

I was so worried and panick, i didn’t know how to, how am i going to do without learning? My mind was confused. The master, just said that “just listen, to what it’s going to say” i was like “huh” but i just follow what was been told.

The master just passed me some joss sticks and ask me to start. I closed my eyes, i saw the “ah pek” straight in my mind. And, telling me “relax”. I did what was been told, slowly i didn’t know what am i doing, all i remember is one of my leg was been curled up and i feel like throwing up and tearing.

After much, my master decided to end it, cause is no good to do it so long. She chanted a few sutras and bless some water to ask me to drink it and use it to wash my face.

I did what was been told, and than i asked her what has happened? she told me that, we’ve offended him so he wanted to punish me since am the one who knew all this and been gifted. I was so utterly speechless.

My master asked me, not to worry too much, everything is over. After the rituals, i just realise that how hungry am i, quickly went to look for food to replenish my energy.

Well, the conclusion is never ever questions their presence, never doubt them, accept the gift been given, and appreciate it. Or not, you may be the next one like me.

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