The Cemetery Ordeal

It has been said by our forebears that “the dead are more attached to their earthly possessions than the living”. One might even argue on how can the dead hold something, let alone an object of this world, when it is clear that the “connection” with that of the dead to the world of the living is severed.

Some people, if not most, have been proven gravely mistaken.

A famous story handed down from family generations onto the next goes:

There once were 3 young boys, all of whom had been friends since and belonging to a family of wealthy sugar plantation tycoons. One day, one boy asked his father just how vast is the land that they own, to which the father asked “Look out the window, son. Far on the horizon, do you see the border of this town?” “The border? Shouldn’t there be a gate standing before it? But I don’t see any!” the son replied. “Precisely” told the father. “Our land stretches far beyond this town and the next”. The young boy, encouraged by his father’s words, decided to then meet with his 2 other friends.

He then told him “I just found out that our family owns a vast track of land! Let us go to the end of it!” His 2 other friends looked at each other, one of them asked the boy “Surely, not ALL of it”. The boy, insulted by his friend’s words rose up in protest and remarked “How dare you? Are you calling my father a liar? He showed me the vastness of land I shall soon inherit!” The other boy looked even more confused and asked “Didn’t your father tell you about ‘that’ piece of land?” “He did! and it is my father’s I’m sure of it!” the boy replied. “No, I meant the place where…” to which the boy interjected “The cemetery, surely that does not belong to you, nobody not even our parents claim ownership of that small piece of land”. With even more assurance, the boy told his 2 friends “Nobody claims it as their own for it is surely ours!”. “My grandfather once told me..” one boy said “that the cemetery does not belong to anybody”. The boy then smiled arrogantly and said “Very well, let us go to the cemetery and I will prove to you once and for all that it belongs to us”. The 2 hesitantly agreed and shook their heads in disbelief.

The very next day, the 3 young boys set out to visit the cemetery. Upon arriving there, the boy who claims ownership of the place pointed out to the vineous and moldy marble mausoleum that sits isolated in the middle of the cemetery. “In that mausoleum, lies the man who owned all 3 sugar plantations that our fathers now own. I heard his descendants leave jewellery and silverware by the foot of the tomb as offering each year”. And the 3 boys ventured towards the mausoleum.

Upon reaching their destination, the boy saw the mausoleum gate unlocked. They all saw all sorts of jewellery and silverware at the foot of the tomb. “As proof that my family owns the cemetary, I will take this back home and show it to my father”. The other 2 all tried to grab the object from their friend with strong conviction. “Put that back! Taking this medallion will not prove anything except stain your family’s reputation with low-life theivery!” “Put it back!” the 2 shouted. “No! You 2 mock my family with your ignorance. I will prove to you once and for all that this cemetery, indeed, is ours!” arrogantly said the young boy as he made a quick run for it clutching the object close to him while his other 2 friends gave chase…

Unfortunately, this is where the story ended.

How is this a horror story you might ask?

Apparently, my friend, we met in high school, once told me she’s been having nightmares about a cat chasing a dog. And curious enough, while studying in her room for her preliminaries, her 5 year old baby sister started crying. She went downstairs to see what was wrong. Her baby sister turned to look at her pointed to her neck and said…

“Give that back!”

As she held on the pendant hanging on her necklace.

Then again, this is just a story… or so they say.

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