There’s this guy (whom i will not mention who) went to a restaurant to eat one day. When he’s eating, this beautiful lady wearing all white walked past him. Then he began to eat faster, he want to follow this lady home and know where’s she’s staying so he can woo her. Then, he followed her to this building…but she disappeared just like that. He was very disappointed because this girl was really very beautiful.

Some days later, this guy went to the same restaurant to have his meal again. This certain lady walked past the restaurant again. This time he do not want to miss his chance again and just threw his food aside and paid for it. He followed the girl to the same building again and saw her outside a unit. He did not know how the girl went inside the building but just ignored it.

He peeped inside the doorhole. (you know when you look through the doorhole everything inside would be enlarge.) He looked inside and saw something all red. He felt puzzled, why would someone want to paint her room all red?

Just then, this auntie walked past him and he asked her about the girl who was living in this unit. The auntie told him that there was a girl who lived in this unit but had commit suicide. When people found her corpse, her eyes were bulging out and there’s a lot of blood around her eyes. That means..when he was looking into the doorhole…the girl was looking out at him too…

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