SAF Changi Chalet

This story is about the things that happened in the SAF Changi Chalets, I’d start with the one that happened to my friend K with my presences at the happening time and follow by my Brother’s encounter in the chalet.

After our Kendo training (Kendo = Japanese sword training), carrying our wooden swords and equipments, we reached the chalet. It was already dark and it was pouring heavily that night. Meeting another friend who was already at the chalet and came to the bus stop outside to fetch us in since it was raining heavily, on our way in, we will go pass this playground. There’s about almost 10 blocks of chalets arranged in a semi circle, all surrounding the playground in the middle.

I’ve heard rumors about the playground itself, but not too sure if it’s true. It’s about people who went to the chalet, when at night, they will hear or see kids playing in the playground in the middle of the night through the chalet windows.

When the time gets later, a lot of our friends left the chalet and left with the 10 of us there, the place suddenly got quiet although there were still 10 of us. K, another friend and me were famished and decided to BBQ some food. The rain had stopped during that time and we were lucky that they were using the portable BBQ pit that was not wet by the pouring rain. As we were cooking, K walked around and spotted a frog on the wet ground and actually squatted down and look at it, was also saying ‘Oh there’s a frog here.’ That’s why I remember…

After having the nice meal with nice spicy BBQ eel, the 10 of us went to the rooms upstairs, where the spiral staircase in the chalet will bring us. There are 2 rooms and a bathroom on the 2nd floor, we split ourselves into 2 rooms, the 7 of us in one room chatting and yakking away and the other 3 in the other room talking about something else. So, after a few hours of joking and chatting, slowly some of my friends fell asleep and the left over friends also decided to sleep. As I wasn’t used to the place, it was hard for me to fall asleep, so end up I was lying on the bed with the lights off and there’s only some light source coming from outside the chalet and the little gap at the bottom of the door. I tried to make myself sleep and don’t let my imagination run wild but I couldn’t sleep at all. Wide awake and can see my friends sleeping soundly.

Finally morning came and some friends woke up and went downstairs and I was too tired and fell asleep after they woke up. K and another friend of mine were still sleeping. When we finally woke up in the late afternoon, K was asking if anyone were still awake last night and did anyone of us disturbed his during his sleep, so I told him that I was awake and no one disturbed him because they were sleeping soundly. K’s face turned serious and told us that he felt someone with sharp and thick fingernails scratching his feet. (If you noticed some old people, their nails will grow really thick and pointed. That’s what K described) There’s only young people in the chalet all the 10 of us are like 20 over years old. There couldn’t be anyone that could do that, and more over, no one woke up during the whole night. We looked at each other in a weird way, I was kind of freaked out because something was happening during the night and I didn’t see anything, which means something else was present in that same room while I was awake. Scared me a little.

We just cut off the topic with silly laughter saying that it’s probably some ‘passer-bys’ and don’t mind about it so much. As we went to ask the other 7 friends who actually stayed in the chalet the night before we went there, the respond they gave was that they felt really uncomfortable on the first night there. I believe there were only less than 5 people on the first night. They did not switch on the air-con since one of the friends were not feeling well, so they left the windows and door opening, which is facing the spiral staircase (the same room that K’s encounter happened), my friend mentioned that when sleeping in the room, she have a clear view of the spiral staircase and it was really uncomfortable as if someone was there looking at her. Although she saw nothing and nothing happened to her.

We left the chalet to head home at night, when we got home, K called me in the middle of the night telling me that while he was in the bathroom, he heard some frogs croaking outside his bathroom, which is in the kitchen. It’s common that there would frogs croaking around during those rainy seasons. But he continued that the croaking gets louder and louder and each time the amount of frogs increases. The noise gets incredibly loud and out of a sudden K heard a young lady’s voice that said ‘ Ting.’ in mandarin, which means Stop in English. The croaking stopped immediately in a sec it was completely silent. K was blanked and after awhile, he rushed out of the bathroom back to his room.

K was telling me that if it were possible that his wooden sword absorbed those ‘energy’ and brought them home with him as he heard from old people that sharp objects or weapons would easily attract spirits. That left us with the question mark there, did those things followed him home or it was just another supernatural thing that happen in his place?


The following shorter story happened in the SAF chalet was told by my elder Brother, T who went there with his few friends and his girlfriend, A. They rented the chalet for a few days went and had fun.

During one of the days, T went to the playground at night to chilled out alone as the others were BBQ-ing outside the chalet. (In my memory, although there’s lampposts around the playground and the lights coming from the chalets surrounding it that area is still pretty dark.) T lay lazily on the ground of the playground and was puffing his cigarette. As he was doing that, he heard someone walking towards him, as it gets closer and closer T quickly get up and turned around and look, no one was there. He thought that it could just be imagination so he lay down again and this time the footsteps continued and next thing was that it stopped just beside T’s head. Without looking, T quickly makes his way back to the chalet.

During the last night, all of T’s friends have to go and left with A and T only, they thought that since it’s the last day, might as well stay over. Before their friends left, they were playing and making a lot of noise. Till the night when both of them were trying to get some sleep, they heard footsteps going up and down that spiral staircase, it went on whole night and both of them heard it, both of them freaked out and didn’t get to sleep, during the next day, they quickly pack up and came home. For so many days they didn’t hear the footsteps till the last night, they thought that they might had annoyed the spirits there since they made a lot of noise there. But who knows?

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