It happened in Yishun Town Secondary School. I have been in that school for almost 4 years. I will be taking my ?N? Level this year and my school is conducting a night self-study-session for all the graduating students this year. Actually the self-study-session is meant for the Sec 4 Express and Sec 5 Acadamic only. My class Sec 4 Technical was excluded. Although we are excluded, my principal and teachers engcouraged us to go. It is optional.

So my friends and I decided to go for the night self-study-session. There were 8 of us who are interested to learn. The school is opened at 7.30pm. We gather to meet in front of the school gate. We reached there at 7.45pm. So we decided to study in the Media Resource Library. While waiting for the Library to be open, we went to the studyshed. It was a cold windy night for all. All were sited and focusing on each subject. We exchange knowledge.

While some were busy studying, 2 of our nasty classmates played a trick on us. They climbed the coconut tree to shaken it and making all sorts of scary sound effects. All were irritated by them. So..we decided to leave them alone and we went to the Library. We packed all our belongings and Rin, one of our classmate screamed on looking on top of the coconut tree. I asked her why she sreamed and she told me she saw an ugly woman with long black hair with her white long dress. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us! Leaving our 2 nasty classmates behind.

The school?s studyshed was located opposite to the Technical Block. It was said to be haunted there. Apart from running away, all of us heard the woman laughed,?HeHeHeHeHeHe.? It was an errie voice! We then change our mind not to study in the Library as it seems Rin looks really pale. We send her home. The school?s building was in total vacant! There?s no one seen around! Luckily this will be our last year in school! PHeW!

It was the errie moment that we had together..and we also had enough of NIGHT-SELF-STUDY!!! The 2 nasty boys were sorry of the wrong doings and they promise us not to scare us again…

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