That Saturday, I have got a canoeing course, which start at 10a.m. and we have to assemble in school by 8. We were dismissed from school at 6, but at the sports club, we were delaying the time, and by the time we reached school, it was already around 6:30p.m.

That day, the sky was quite dark. After we were dismissed from school, all my seniors went home, leaving me and my one and only senior behind with 3 other guys and some band members. Soon all of them went home leaving me behind in the school, with the school keeper. As my dad wasn’t there yet, and it was quite late, and i didn’t bring my handphone along, so I just had to go into the school to make a call.

As i walking to the phone booth, i have the eerie kind of feeling, but i don’t care about it, I just make the call. The phone booth is located at the study area of our school. And the study area is such that from the corridors of the toilets on the second floor, we can look down at the study area.

As i was at the study area making the phone call, the school keeper was in the general office which is just beside the study area. As i was dialling the number, i heard a three to four year old chinese boy’s voice, he was shouting something like “harlow!harlow!” It was loud and clear. I began to felt a bit scared…The voice wasn’t just at a particular place, but it was going from left to right then back to left. As you know, a young boy enjoys stamping his feet as he walks. But i could hear no stamping and the boy shouldn’t be so short until he is shorter than the corridor’s wall! As i heard the voice, the school keeper came out of the general office and looking at all directions. Soon the voice faded…

Till now, i don’t know who was the one who made the noise…

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