School Camp Incidents

The ‘campsite’, or so to speak, is in the hall of the school. There’s 2 toilets at the back of the hall, one for the females and one for the males. Since my school is an all-boys school, we are free to use either of the toilets throughout the course of the camp.

Now, the female toilet is creepy. The male toilet only has one mirror, and that’s at the sink. However, the female toilet has mirrors all about. Literally, the walls are ‘made of mirrors’. (the shower cubicle no mirror la -_-‘).

Being seniors, we want to feel er.. special? So we made a rule such that “all non-seniors use the male toilet”, and the female toilet is only reserved for the seniors. (cos the male toilet everyone keep coming in and going out with muddy boots so it’s kinda dirty, but the female toilet damned clean =D)

Now, what’s creepy is that in the female toilet, there’s this… air re-freshener thing (sprays the nice smell) which ‘psst’ every duno-how-long…. my friend was showering, alone. All of a sudden, he ran out and screamed, in front of the juniors, with a towel wrapped around his waist cos he has no time to wear his clothes (He is those kind ‘very brave front’ one, so it should be real)

He claimed that while he was showering, he heard a ‘psst’. He felt nothing was wrong and continue. And the psst got more frequent. When he was almost done, the air re-freshener went psssssssssssssssst for a very long time, and the spraying sound got louder and louder for no particular reason. (Visualise the psst sound in your head) He ran out.

The next day I went to find the OM and asked him about it, and he said the air re-freshener wasn’t even working since duno-when… since no one uses the female toilet, the school felt that there’s no need to repair it.

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story 2

And it’s not all. Ever since that incident, the seniors discussed together and made it a rule that everyone must travel in pairs even if they were just going to the restroom. Now, everyone was creeped out, even me.

On the second night, I asked my friend to go to the toilet with me, cos I need to brush my teeth and etc. He said he brushed already, but he will follow me ‘cos he needs to “dispose off metabolic waste products”. I went to brush my teeth and he went into the toilet cubicle.

After washing my face and getting everything done, I waited for him.. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. I knocked on the door but got no reply. I told him to “don’t scare me, or i’m going out”. Still no reply so I went out.

And I saw that friend chatting with the juniors when I went out. He said he didn’t even accompanied me to the toilet in the first place – and got the juniors to vouch for him. Seems like he really didn’t go to the toilet with me.

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everyone was like super-afraid.. like seriously! We even canceled the night walk despite having spent 100$ to purchase props for it. Like really scary then, so the teacher-in-charge decided to change the 4D3N camp to a 3D2N camp, so we’re dismissed the next day. And for some particular reason, all the other CCAs that had the camp before us also had creepy experiences. I’ll try to find out more and post here, if I got the time to spare.

Not surprisingly, the rest of the CCAs having camps AFTER us cancelled their camps. =s

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story 3

My NPCC friend told me this story.

The NPCC had their camp before us, and during one of the nights, they had a nightwalk. There’re many stations in the nightwalk, and they screened a horror movie before dispatching their juniors to the first station of the nightwalk.

They were watching Ju-on (i think) and the starting screen of the ju-on thing is a face of the ghost with the ‘uurhhhh’ sound. If you watched Ju-on you’ll know what sound I’m talking about. Okay, so this friend of mine, clicked ‘play’ on the laptop. However, although the movie appeared to be playing on the laptop, on the projector screen it remained at the ghost face + the urrhhhh sound. Maybe a technical error, but still creepy.. (they solved it and managed to screen the movie in the end)

During the course of the nightwalk, the seniors realised that the juniors are beginning to go in teams to each of the stations. (you’re supposed to go one by one). Others skept stations that they thought was scary..

So the seniors went out of the place they were stationed in, and gathered the other seniors to discuss how to punish the juniors (they did not instruct the juniors to gather). When they finally decided, they split up and went about to ask every juniors to gather at the canteen.

This particular senior found a junior crying and shivering.. he accompanied him back to the canteen, and gave him hot milo to calm him down. He then asked him why he cried, his reply was “when I entered, I heard the toilet bowl being flushed repeatedly. I thought it was the seniors playing with me so I opened the toilet door but I found no-one inside. Then, the tap water started flowing.”

The toilet he was in is the female toilet behind the hall.

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