School Toilet

It happened just one week before our examination came at 12 noon. I wanted to go to the toilet to do my hair as it was untidy. I wanted my friend, Hasmidah to accompany me there. As she was busy, I went to the toilet myself.

In the toilet, my hair on my arms suddenly stood on end. I felt eerie but did not want to show it so I continue doing my hair. The word? ghost? suddenly came to my mind. Later, I heard a flushing sound. The flushing sound came from a particular cubicle right behind where I am standing. There was no one in the cubicle and the cubicle door was wide open. I realize that I was alone in the toilet. ?Bang!!!? the cubicle door shut. The door shut as if someone had slammed it with full force. I was shocked and ran out of the toilet without taking the toilet pass. So my teacher told me to get the pass back.

In the toilet, the same cubicle door shut like before. I ran out of the toilet as fast as my legs could carry me. I told Hasmidah about what had happened. She said that she too had experienced it. That?s why she pretended to be busy when I ask her to accompany me to the toilet.

The next day, my friend Jacqueline came crying after going to the toilet. She told our teacher what had happened and our teacher told us not to go to the toilet alone. An angry teacher died of heart attack when she banged the door?From dat day onwards, i dare not go to the toilet alone and i will never will…..

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