Scratched Foot

This happened more than 5 years ago. Back at my old flat, I slept alone in the common bedroom. It had been many years that I slept on a mat on the floor and that was my personal preference.

My mom was gravely concerned that I did not have a proper bed to sleep in for a person of my age. I declined her previous offers to buy me a bed so she knew it was useless to pursue the matter. Nevertheless, she was one who somewhat persevered.

One day, my elderly lady neighbour who lived at the corner flat wanted to throw away an old couch. That night, I noticed I had a ‘new’ makeshift ‘bed’ in my bedroom. My mom took the initiative to re-home my old neighbour’s unwanted couch and transformed the black metal frame of a 3-seater couch into a bed for her stubborn daughter. I do not remember complaining about this new ‘bed’.

The missing cushions were replaced by a slim mattress and a pillow. It was awkward to sleep there because the couch length was shorter than my height. So what I normally did was to curl up my lower body a bit so that my feet would fit the frame.

This went on for the next few nights with no problem. I slept soundly until an incident took place mysteriously on the couch one night.

One of my 4 cats normally bunked in with me and it rested next to my feet that night. I was getting ready to doze off in complete darkness with the door completely closed. As I laid on my left side, I began to hear some noises under the couch. It started off with the metal frame supporting the mattress were being hit lightly several times thus making soft “clang” noises. I thought that was weird. At that moment, I just could not be bothered by any supernatural mischief. I was tired and desperate to get some precious sleep. Hence, I dismissed the possible presence of a potential mischief and focused on drifting off to sleep.

Well, my decision caused an aftermath that was never before encountered. In the next few seconds, I heard a loud metallic “BANG!” and my left foot hurt like hell! I quickly got off the bed, scrambled for the light switch on the wall and switched on the ceiling light. No one was in the room except for my cat and myself. And my cat was where it had been lying all this while – at the end of the couch frame where my feet were resting. It did not look distress at all. Whatever it was, my cat was not affected by the ordeal. What I saw next caused my family and I to panic.

My left foot felt painful. When I inspected that foot, I was shocked to see 5 long, continuous, mysterious, red scratches that were drawn from the top of my foot to near my toes. These were at least 2 inches long each! I quickly looked at my cat thinking it might be a possible culprit but its paw was too small to match the size of the scratch marks on my foot.

I left my bedroom and knocked on my parents’ bedroom door. My mom came out and I told her what had happened and showed her the already bloodied and swollen scratches on my foot. My brother, who was then sleeping in the living room, woke up and saw those too. My dad came out last to see what the commotion was about.

When I studied the pattern of the 5 scratched lines with my family next to me, I realized that the 5 scratch marks fit the size of an adult hand nicely. I laid one of my hands on my left foot to see if my theory was correct and I was right! My family members saw this too and we were shocked. No one knew what happened. After some time, everyone calmed down and returned to bed except for me. It was decided by everyone that it was best I slept on the living room couch that night.

The next day, my mom threw the couch frame away. The 5 scratch lines remained with me for several days as I waited for these to heal on its own. Once the scratches healed, 5 brown scar lines were left behind. I had those scars for some time before they finally disappear due to skin regeneration.

Whatever it was, I believe this was the work of a supernatural entity that was displeased with me that night. After the couch frame was discarded, I had no similar disturbing in my bedroom.

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