Ghost Or Something

I am a gambler, I love betting, and all kind of money games until now, mostly I play soccer betting, and kinds of lottery games. I lost quite a lot of money in gambling and betting, and always dream of about being rich on gambling and betting.

I can sometime win betting about 10 times in a row in succession without losing, and won quite a lot of money, but when I just lost one time, all my money gone already. My uncle tell me that gambling or betting will make a people more greedy in life, for some people, they gamble 10 times and lost 9 times, but in my case is I win 10 times but the 1 times I lost is lose all my money and became bankrupt.

And after I no money, I think of stealing, and I stole my mother money and put on top of my room cupboard, I didn’t bet all of it, I bet about 30percent of the money and I lost, then I bet another 30percent of the money to try to win back and win more, but I keep losing.

Then few days later, my room light on the ceiling suddenly keep on shake, and at night I can’t even turn on the light to do homework, and it shake for about 2 weeks, then 2 weeks later I ask my mum to help me change the light bulb. And when my mum climb up and about to check, den she saw her money on top of my cupboard just about beside it, she so angry and come down scold me to death, then after that you know what happen next… The light suddenly didn’t shake anymore, it back to normal! Until now I still feel very scared, is there a ghost or anything? It so scary!

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