Seeing Things

This happens to me when I was in primary 3. That time I was still asleep in my parents bedroom. Anyway, I remember clearly this incident happens when my dad received this new white fan as a lucky draw winner. I take no notice of it.

It was around 2.30am when I accidentally woke up from my sleep, I think its most probably when my little sister accidentally knocked on my elbow. As I turned around to my right, I saw this white shirt lady with her hair untied covering her face sitting infront of the new white fan. As a kid, I didn’t know that, that was actually a ghost so I am not that “scared” . But after awhile, I thought who in the world will sit at the edge of the bed around that timing. You see, my right leg was just beside her! I didn’t even cover my leg with the blanket.

I had wild questions in my head thinking what will happened if that white lady grabs my leg & stuff. My parents were sleeping down below at the ground. They don’t like sleeping at the bed. Anyways, I took no time & took my blanket & just continue sleeping beside my parents which is right infront of the lady. I tried to cover my eyes as tightly as I could.

The next day, I told my mum about it, my mum didn’t believe me. So I kept quiet.

After a few days, when my parents were busy carrying my pillows & mattresses at my bedroom, I took a glance outside of the room… To my horror, I saw this green with white spots all around of this big hand! I told my mum & even showed her how the hand grabs the door knob thing, & again my mum didn’t believe it.

After a few months, I had this strange encounter. I experienced a really rare sickness which will always make me having high fever & think that I am not in a reality but in a nightmare or dreams. This always happens when my mum switch on & listens to prayer loudly. I will feel nausea & at times I had not much appetite.

My parents were worried so they bring me to this religious man down the block. At first I was crying when I heard that I’ll be meeting him but my mum calmed me down. After reciting prayers on me. I finally managed to come to my real self again.

The religious man told my parents that there were 2 little kids spirit following me around all this while causing me to feel as if I was in a dream. My mum asked him what’s the gender of the 2 spirits but he dare not to tell the gender to my mother.

Until these days I still encountered this weird feelings that I was not in reality but I act as if it does not really occurred to me. Thanks to god & the religious man who cured me.

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