Sentosa Museum Incident

This happened when she was in Primary School. After the year end exams her teacher brought her class to Sentosa.

One of the itinerary for that trip was Fort Siloso Wax Museum. Kids being kids, they weren’t particularly interested in the stories behind the exhibits so she and her classmates went to play hide and seek in the museum.

After separating from her classmates in the museum, she found herself lost and wondered around the museum all by herself until she came across a guy in a period costume walking into the room she was at. She quickly followed the guy through a few rooms and narrow passages until she suddenly lost sight of him.

She was puzzled and went around looking for him until she saw well-lit open area in front of her. She went towards that area and found herself behind a large glass panel with wax figures all around her.

Her classmates and teachers who were looking for her stepped into that exhibition room just a short moment later and were shocked to see her behind the glass display.

The teacher quickly went to get the staff of the museum to rescue her. Everybody, including the museum staff asked her how did she manage to get behind the glass display.

She said a museum staff in costume brought her there. The museum staff was not amused and told her that they don’t have history re-enactment in the museum and all staff wear modern uniform.

My wife protested her innocence saying that the museum staff was dressed just like him, pointing to a British soldier wax figure on display behind the display glass she was rescued from.

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