Sentry Duty

My stories happen in my school days. We were one of the top cca and was well respected by other uniform group. During one of our camp in school, we were ask by the Npcc to do sentry duty in the school. We were making our round near the firing range which is located below basketball court. We saw someone waving at us. We thought it was one of our senior who could not get to sleep, so we decided to walk towards him. But halfway through the pave, we were shock to find out that it was not our senior but it was a face we never met before. It does not has eyes. Just hole. We was so scare, we ran faster than what we could run in the shuttle run to our tent. We cover ourselves with our ground sheet and dare not go to the toilet till the morning.

The next day, we were punish for not doing our sentry duty and was ask to do more round. The next day, for our sentry duty, we never walk pass the firing range fearing for our life. It was a scary dream for us. Hope the rest of you will do the sentry in peace.

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