This is one my ghostly experience during my childhood and the only one I can remember since.

I was rather young – probably seven or so- and my godmother took me once to a chalet in Pasir Ris (not the NTUC resort) but I can’t remember which one cos I was rather young and had a vague memory of where the chalet was located. However I will never forget what I saw during that night.

I decided to stay overnight then. I shared a room with my godmother’s niece, who was in her teens at that time, and her niece’s family maid.

During the night, I was unable to fall alseep for some other reason. Everyone else was sound asleep and there I was- tossing and turning restlessly. That was when I saw it at the window.

There was only one window in the room and it had been curtained for the night. Outside, the street lights shone in brightly. Contrasted against the illumination was this shadow of a lady. I never saw her face but from the features of the shadow, I supposed she was very beautiful.

The funny thing is that I was neither afraid nor I felt anything strange about its presence in the room.

The lady was dressed in this big ballgown- those worn in the times of the eighteenth century of Europe. Her hair was done up in a bun and she was rather shapely in the corseted dress. As I observed from where I lay in bed, she was moving from left to right of the window. Each time she turned to face one side of the window, she would reach out an arm to touch the edge of the window, like she was practising an elegant slow dance.

This continued as long as I watched her.

At first I thought the shadow had been the maid, as the maid wore the same hairstyle hair bunned up. The maid happened to sleep in the floor on my right. I looked down and saw the maid sleeping soundly there. I looked up and saw the shadow there, dancing oblivious to my watching it.

I watched the shadow moved from right to left, then left to right until I finally fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, the shadow was gone and sunlight was streaming in from the curtained window. I told my godmother what I saw in that room and when her niece heard my story, she left for home the same day.

Until now, I’m still unsure of who that shadow had been. There were only three occupants sleeping in that room that night- my godmother’s niece, the maid and myself….

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