Singapore Pools’ Headquarters

Ever wonder why Singapore Pools changed their headquarters? Some say they earned a huge profit, other say that the change is for fengshui reasons. However, according to my friend, the reason behind the change is far more sinister.

We all know gambling is a loser’s game. Technically, everyone loses but Singapore Pools. Thus, the organization and it’s employees are known to suffer from extremely bad karma. Furthermore, this problem is compounded by the fact that there are many gambling-related suicides in the country. According to statistics, at least one person commit suicide everyday, many due to gambling-related problems.

The problem is who do these restless spirits haunt? They can’t haunt themselves for their folly, so they can only disturb the source of the problem. Many employees are rumored to start experiencing supernatural disturbance upon employment. These ranges from personal belongings being stolen to even possession. The most common disturbance is having nightmares about spirits warning them about the ills of gambling. Thus, many employees became depressed and mentally ill. It’s rumored that among all government organizations, Singapore Pools have the highest staff depression rate and suicide rate.

The management knew that they have to take actions. They tried many methods, from calling in religious people to do purification to repositioning the offices to confuse the wandering ghost. Some of these methods are temporary successful, but due to the increasing number of restless spirits, they still end up having the same problem.

Desperate, one of the management staff called upon a powerful Thai bomoh for assistance, since they probably consulted most religions in Singapore. It was claimed that the bomoh advised that staff to abandon the existing building and move to a new one, blessing it with powers of the four major religions in Singapore so as to create a barrier against the “unwelcomed”. It was also claimed that the existing ghosts haunting the place won’t be able to locate the new building, thus they only have to fend off new spirits.

Thus, they’re now moved to 210 Middle Road. Their karma improved so much that on the 1st 4D draw, 210X came up as the first prize.

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