Keeping Toyol

I have a grandma who is still very much alive, and an uncle who have already pass on. My uncle is my grandma’s son. He is not married and by the time he pass on, he was in his early 50s I think. Let’s name my this uncle, A.

My grandma was a Boyanese. And I believe the Boyanese people have lots of stories regarding black magic and staff. A lives to buy 4d and it was okay till now when I think back it is quite odd. A will strike lottery at least once every month. From what I remember A was not working ever since I know him as a kid till about my secondary school days. A strikes lottery every month and although it was a small amount, he would get us food and sweets. I remember at the door of his house there is always this small little pouch that hangs above.

I can’t exactly remember if A worked or not but he always go downstairs to play chess with his friends when he was healthier. Then came one day his heart failed and he needed a bypass. The doctor told me family A needed a mechanical small device that would shock his heart if it fails. Doctor also warn us that A would not live more than 5 years. Surprisingly A live on for more than 10 years after he got his bypass. I remember at times there would be a click click sound like the sound of ticking clock you hear at night coming out of his chest.

After about 10 years , A got a stroke on his left side. He could no longer talk also. When in ICU my grandma told us that there would be a black figure at the corner if the room every time she visit him. Apparently my grandma says that he keeps his kind of spirit around to help his financial needs because he is not working and the thing help him to strike lottery. According to my grandma this thug don’t want let go of my uncle and let him pass on because he never find another person to pass it on to.

A suffered stroke and live on for like another 5 years. On his last day, the night before he pass on he told my grandma that got 2 people big size at the void deck want to carry him away. Then next morning he pass on already.

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