Six Hundred And Sixty Six

This must be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life so I hope u guys don’t do it.

I was passing by the old reown Holland House which was said to be haunted by a demonic force and was recalling all the ghost stories that I’ve heard about it there. I was returning home from a friends place and since it was around 5 o’clock, I decided to check the place out. The funny thing was that the gates were not lock. So I went in and through the front door without anything happening to me. I explored the whole place (which was quite big) till I decided to conclude that there was no such “demonic” force in that place.

But then, I came across a door which i had not realised earlier on, as it was around the back, just when I was about to leave. So I check my watch to see if “father time” permitted me to explore the place as I had to be home by 7 for dinner as I had promised my mum. The watch “spoke” 6:40pm so I continued my exploration after deciding to take a cab back later.

Before entering the door, I realized that there were three numbers carved near its hinges which I think no one has seen “666”. I laughed “Must be some satanic siao kia!” and I entered the room. I saw this chair at the corner and decided to take a seat for a while as all the walking had made me tired. I realized that I was in the kitchen that was kept quite neat for such an old house. It was getting dark so I decided to leave. Just as I got up, I heard a growl thinking it was a stray dog I turned with caution slowly…. THERE WAS NOTHING THERE! It started to freak me out and I brisk walked to the door I came in from (although there was a back door, I did not wanted to take a chance that it might be locked and waste time).

This time the sky was dark and my watch spoke 7:20pm. Whoa! I thought I’m going to be fried by my mother! But a half human howl made me look back into the kitchen….. In the shadows, i saw a creature with a head like a dog but had horns for its ears and was standing on two feet, with some unseen force slammed the “666” shut this time I dashed for the back door and prayed that the back door was not locked. Lucky me! The door swung opened like there were hinges and I dashed out to hail a cab. But on the way out, i saw a skeleton of a dog with its skull 2 to 3 feet away from its body and a weird lokking foot print in the mud out the back door.

The cab uncle asked why I looked so pale and I told him everything. He said I was stupid and should not have tried as he himself know of people who have had their share of experience. I returned home for free and told my mother why I was late to escape her wrath although she didn’t believe me, she let me off. Till now I still cover my head with a blanket when i hear howl of a dog………….

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