Song Play By Itself

This is a true story which happened to me in my previous home.

My family received hampers during Chinese New Years and one of them came with a little erm… what you call it? An object that plays a song whenever you press it. So, my brothers and I like to play with that object and feeling irritated, my dad kept that object high up above the shelves. It’s high, as my dad (not very short kind) needs a tall chair when he kept the object. My brothers and I could not reach for the ‘toy’ and eventually, we forgot about the thing.

One stormy night (yup, really stormy), while everyone were sleeping (dad, mum, 2 bros n me), the ‘toy’ started playing the Chinese New Year song. I was freaked out. Why are there music when no one pressed it. And, forgot to add it, you must press VERY hard on it or else it will no work. My dad woke up, got a chair and took down the toy. Everyone was awake at this time. My dad poked the ‘toy’ but it did not stop. Although the toy is supposed to stop after 1 song, it repeated ON ITS OWN.

Then my dad bring the thing to the bathroom sink,took a screwdriver and opened the cover of the toy to see if there is anyway to stop the music. He took out the battery, but the song was still on. Then he said something:

“Dad (aka my grandfather who has passed away few years back), please leave. You are scaring the children.”

SUDDENLY, we saw dust coming out from the ‘toy’ and the music stopped.

I was so freaked out that I don’t dare play with the toy again and i still get the chills whenever I hear that song during CNY.

What’s that song? I cant remember the title nor the tune now. But I’ll get reminded when I hear it.

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