Blk 812 Yishun Ring Rd

This story took place at my old place opposite Khatib MRT at Blk 812 Yishun Ring Rd.

When i was living there i was about 11 yrs old and my brother was only 5 yrs old. Being young he was able to see “things”.

Anyway my neighbour around that time vacated temporarily their flat due to certain circumtances. Since they were nature lovers, they left all their potted plants which amounted to about 10 pots.

At first all was well. Until 1 mth after, my brother started to cry everytime we pass by the empty flat(ours is a corner unit so have to pass their unit). When we asked him why, he would say there is an ugly looking person waving its hands at my brother. And we also noticed that the plant directly in front of the unit would sway even when there was absolutely no wind! We ignored as we thought how could there be unclean “things” when our neighbour were religious people. My father-a taxi driver-also encountered the “thing” one night when he came home at 2 a.m. He saw something from inside the house which was pitch black and also there was a fragrant scent emitting from the unit.

Soon we decided enough was enough as my mother too was spooked and was too afraid to even go to the nearby market alone. My mum called our neighbour at their relatives place and told them of our situation. Our neighbour immediately asked one of their relatives who knows about these things and he came down to see the unit.

When the religious man arrived, he brought along with him a young child of about the same age as my brother. The moment the child looked at the plant, she too cried. He then confirmed there was “something” there. He started saying his prayers and spoke to the “thing”. We found out from him later that the “thing” moved to the unit with his whole family as the unit was empty and that they were just trying to make friends with my brother and our family. The religious man then said that although it was hard to ask the “thing” to leave , the “thing” finally relented as it didn’t want to be a bother.

My neigbour moved back in soon after and everything was well after that. Thanks goodness.

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