Blk 505 Tampines Central 1

This story began when I was 5 years old and it stopped as soon as I reached 10 years old. It happened at my old house at Blk 505 Tampines Central 1. On my birthday my father decided to hold a big birthday party for my birthday which was on 12 May 1993. The day had arrived. I could see my cousins and friends entering my house with presents in their hands. I was so excited! Then it was time to blow the candles. Everyone sang birthday song to me. And when I was blowing the candle, I could hear thunder storming across the living room. Seconds later I could here my baby brother crying. Suddenly the doorbell rang, my father went and get it and there was an old lady holding something big which was wrapped in red color.

I was really happy on seeing the big present. The old lady gave me the present and quickly vanished into the thin air. How horrified was it! Then it was time to open my birthday presents and I opened the old lady’s present first. I was astonished & excited! This was the best present I had ever had all my life! It was a huge doll. The height was about the same as me.

Later that night I could here a girl crying. Being brave, I walk through the living room and saw a girl crying over a dead body. There were creepy crawlies crawling out of the dead body. I was real scared. But at that age I don’t know anything about ghost. So, I went to girl asking her why she was crying. As I was approaching her, something flashed towards my mind. That girl looked exactly like my doll which I got for my birthday present. The girl told me everything and later did I realised, the dead body dissappered from my appearance.

The next morning, I went to the living room and saw my doll lying on the floor and there was a red stained on the chest of the doll. After my father discovered it, he threw away the doll. However, it sill hunts me, day and night until I was 10 years old. I was not scared of the girl because we are friends as we had already known each other for five years. When she was leaving me, I asked her where was she going and she told me she’s going to find a new friend who is younger.

So, is that friend of her is you? BETTER WATCH OUT!!!

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