Yunnan Garden Terrace

Well, this took place in my friends’ house at Yunnan Garden Terrace….. This house has a basement, a very creepy basement. My friends and I were praticing dancing and the basement seems to be the most spacious…. well here is how the story goes.(Adeline is the owner of the house)

We were dancing very happily, then one of my friend fell down on the floor and hit her head. She was crying like mad. All of us were freaked out by this behaviour because our friend (Tiara) will not cry easily. We asked her what happen and she didn’t reply. She just kept quiet but she was mumbling something that we couldn’t make out.

She didn’t continue dancing after that. There was one particular room that caught my eye in that house. It was like a closet. And weird noises were made inside there, like chairs moving about.(only i noticed that) All of us were tired after dancing for 1 hour, so we all sat down and told ghost stories……. Half-way through it, Tiara started staring at something behind Adeline, and then she just faint on the floor, Adeline looked back and then screamed. But the rest of us couldn’t see anything at all!!

We all thought they were planning this out and were quite angry with them. Then Adeline started laughing. Like a Man.. This time we were all scared. Tiara suddenly woke up and went on her knees towards Adeline. All of us were staring at both of their unusual behaviour. Then this was the scary part. The weird closet snapped open. And a picture of a very pretty woman shot out of it and landed in the middle of the room. Adeline looked at it and then spoke in a very weird language. By this time, all of us were VERY scared. Suddenly, all of these stopped. Adeline and Tiara just went back to themselves. But the picture laid still. We then suspected it was a woman spirit playing with us. Possesion or what?

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