Blk 259 Yishun Street 22

1> I used 2 lived near da mosque n behind da mosque ‘eres a garden up the hill & my neighbour tell us this tat once ‘eres a women went jogging alone in the park, i think bout 5+ in da morning n she was resting after a few rounds of exercising. Then came a lady sat beside her, she was seating at a seat which was near 2 a place where u can walk on small rock-i don’t noe wat it’s kol-something like foot exercise. The women open her shoes n put it near her n da weird lady which sat besides her weirdly asking her if she could borrow her shoes n surprisingly this women let da weirdo borrow her shoes. This happens in less than a min when she turn 2 look at the lady n she was gone. How could she have dissapeared in a such a short time as she have 2 pass this women first. Without hesitation da women run as fast as she could from the garden.

2> Another incident concerning Yishun..Still staying around tat area, one nite as usual i always sleep late as my sister n i always have something to share talking n laughing. Then i feel like going 2 da loo n ask my sis 4 her company. My room was facing the window where i could see da road n beside my rooms were my parents bedroom. We made our way 2 da kitchen in da dark when suddenly upon arriving at the kitchen door i thought tat i saw a figure getting up from a seating position at my dining table i was so shock tat i ran 2 back 2 my room followed by my sis..thought it was my imagination but it couldn’t be possibly imagination cos i noe da height of my dining chair n height of someone when n standing or sitting.

The next morning when i tell my parents ’bout my encounter, they seems 2 agree as da same nite b4 me my dad encounter something more scary, he was feeling rather hungry n bored after watching da late nite movies n was walking 2 his room b4 reaching his room he have 2 pass by mine first which i’ve said tat it’s facing the window. He say tat he was shock tat when he glance 2wards da window n saw a head wif long hair looking @ him. Tat should be da PENANGGAL n how could tat be as i lived on da 5th floor corner. We all storngly believed “IT” purposely peep in 2 see..cos da shape of my blk explains y we assumed this.

Since then we hang prayers script(YASIN & KURSI) at da window. But now we’ve moved house n ‘eres no more disturbance.

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