St Michael Ipoh

Hi everyone, after reading countless of entries on Hungzai, I decided to share one of my horror stories. Well, this one is real and it happened in St Michael Ipoh, my alma mater. St Michael is a very old school and here is a little history of it. Built in 1912 by a group of Catholic missionary, this awesome-looking building was the Japanese headquarter for Perak state during Japanese occupancy back in WW2. Therefore, it served as a base for countless torturing, killings and massacre. Decades after Japanese occupancy ended,it is now a beautiful school with Gothic structure. However, she has many dark stories behind her good-looking appearance. St Michael has a ground floor and 3 upper floors. The third floor is said to be the most haunted, the floor with a chapel. It was said to be haunted by a little girl in yellow dress. Well, she could be a victim during WW2. So, now the story goes.

This happened in 2005, when I was 14 years old, in late evening, less than an hour before the last school bell rang. I was in a class, very near to the mosque (which was on the 3rd floor too), attending the last class of the day. Adjacent to my class, was another class and this class was actually right next to the mosque. The class was big and it was partitioned into two, by a wooden block with a transparent mirror in the middle. Apparently, whatever happened in one partition can be viewed from another. I remember that evening was windy and cloudy. That class (I wasn’t there) was being taught by a Malay lady teacher and the number of student was small.

The class went on as usual until the teacher stopped teaching and looked straight into the transparent mirror. Looking pale and frightened, she tried to hold herself together, not letting out a scream, which might cause a chaotic scene. She was looking at something very that terrified her a lot. The awkward pause lasted for some time, which caused the students to be curious. Almost all of the students turned their head and looked into the direction she was looking at (the transparent mirror). Please note that the other partition was empty. A few students saw it too and turned right back to what they were doing-looking pale and shivering. However, most of the students didn’t see a thing. I believe the teacher and that few students must have ran out of luck that particular day.

The teacher tried to be strong and pretended not to see what she saw, continued the lesson. As it the class was about to end, she decided to call it off earlier and rushed out of the class, straight to the staff room, grabbed her things and sped off. The students were puzzled and left the room. the truth was revealed when that very few students who saw it, told them what happened.

It seemed like when the teacher was teaching, she saw a little girl in yellow through the mirror, walking from the entrance to the wall and back to the entrance again, repeatedly. When the girl noticed she was able to see her, she stopped right in front of the mirror, staring back at her, furiously. She then vanished into thin air.

The very next day, that teacher was having high fever and was on MC for the subsequent days.

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