Uninvited Guests

My late grandma used to stay in a big bungalow in Malaysia. I will visit her during my school holidays and spend 2 weeks with her. I would always sleep with her in her room during my stay. I started to experience and see strange things when I was about 15 years old.

Incident 1:

My late grandma’s house was a 3 storey bungalow. She slept on the 2nd level. As she was an early sleeper, she will go to bed around 9pm.. I do not sleep that early and will watch TV at level 1 living room until 11pm. This particular night at around 10pm, I was still watching shows on TV and suddenly I heard noises from the kitchen (The kitchen was just about 200 metres away). I thought my grandma came down to drink water. However, lights were not turned on and I could only heard the sound of water gushing from the tap and the clinging sound when you put the cup back into the tray. I again thought my grandma did not wish to on the lights and did not think too much. However, after 15 mins, I heard noises again from the kitchen. I was a little puzzled and went to check it out. I turned on the lights and no one was there. The basin was dry and it doesn’t seems like anyone has entered the kitchen at all!

Incident 2:

I was watching TV again on the sofa and this time round, I had my cousin beside me. While watching TV, I saw something coming down the staircase from level 2. It was a little boy. I couldn’t see the face as it was in dark shadow form. My cousin noticed me glazing at the staircase. She told me that they were here for sometime and they do not do more harm. Right after she said that, I saw another 2 figures coming down and brought the child upstairs. I believed that the other 2 were the boy Father and Mother.

Incident 3:

I was sleeping in my grandma’s room and she complained that someone is pulling her leg at the middle of her night. I tried to see if there is anyone but just couldn’t find it.

Incident 4:

It was in the middle of the night and I heard the room door opened. Someone came in and went to the restroom. How I know that she went into the restroom was that my grandma will leave the toilet room lights on. That someone came in and went into the restroom and closed the door. Then I heard water running as if someone is showering. After about 5 mins, that someone came out and left the room. So I was curious and went to the toilet / bathroom and checked it out. To my surprise, the basin and floor is dry. So who is showering in the toilet / bathroom?

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