Here’s a story based on my experience during my Outward Bound Singapore course, which was just last year. For your info, Succubus is a female devil which seduces a man for his spirit. This story is for u boys who feels like you’re James Bond. Please look twice in a woman’s eyes for she might take your soul away…..

I went for OBS on the 20th November 2003. I was just 15 then. It was my first trip of shore and OBS was held on an island called Pulau Ubin. Just for your info, Pulau Ubin used to be a military stronghold and I have heard of stories of it being a very unholy place. What can a teenage guy like me do? I’m one helluva hyperactive guy who has been through a lot!! Including ghost experiences! Ok, so it was a pretty fun camp, lotsa things to do until I met this girl during lunch…she is soo beautiful…her eyes and body and her hair…could make you float!! She is like the most beautiful girl! I had to do something to make her mine….but I was soo scared to tell her…I could not say a word…so I made this 5 day camp, into a 5 day hunt for her.

Meal after meal, i looked at her, and i do believe that she knew I liked her. On the 3rd day of the camp, my friend told me of that same girl, wanting to see me at the “tripod” at 8pm. The tripod is a huge training facility with 3 huge woods standing as high as an 8 storey high building.

So at 8pm, I met her at the tripod…she was sitting there….alone, with no friends to disturb. Such a quiet and peaceful night and a bit creepy because surrounding me are thick forests and a huge tree, the size almost like a redwood tree…So I looked at the red dressed beauty and..I felt so lucky so I approached her. She turned as I say hi and I could see in her face…a much more beautiful girl i have ever seen. She looked at me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips….soon then…she wanted to take of her clothes…and so did I….i felt something was controlling me and suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw an ugly creature kissing me!!! Her face was all rotten and maggots was moving on it….I stepped off and moved back..afraid that she would eat me up…

And in a coarse and ugly voice she told me, “Don’t worry? Why are you afraid? You’re not afraid are you?” I wanted to shout but not the slightest voice could come out. I also couldn’t run…i was stuck…i couldn’t move i prayed hard and finally i could run…i ran as fast as i could towards my room and told my friends about the whole thing…all the say was: “Girl? What girl? We were laughing at you kissing the tripod. Ooh…you’re so romantic? You had a girl in mind?” And they laughed….but I knew that something wasn’t right so i decided to ask my instructor..”Oh u mean Lina?”, he said. “Lina is a regular here….she looks out for man and steal his spirit. No man has ever lose from her grip. But you my friend, is a lucky one.” I asked how Lina became a regular and he simply said.” Well son….she’s my daughter…..”

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