The Camping Trip

This is written based on a true story. A group of high school kids decided to go camping. The group consisted of 5 guys and 5 girls. Let’s call the main character Bob, who was the narrator of the story. They rented 5 bicycles for the trip and rode up the mountain, one couple per bike. It was getting late and the sky was getting darker. Bob was in the lead of the group and saw a figure ahead by the road. It appeared to be squatting. Thinking the person was urinating, Bob thought it would be cute to scare the person.

As he rode up the person and was ready to scream at him, he screamed in horror instead. The man had turned around and had NO FACE! Where his features should have been, there was only a blank, smooth face! The rest of the group also saw and screamed, following Bob hurriedly up the road, trying to get away from the faceless “ghost”. When they were finally exhausted from the get-away, they noticed flashing blue lights coming from down the road. They though it odd for a police car to be cruising the mountain road. As the car passed without stopping, they saw nothing inside the car. The police car was driving itself! The group of kids panicked, dropped the bikes, and took off in two directions: Bob grabbed 2 girls and ran one way while the others took of in another direction. Bob and the 2 girls came upon a military post where a guard was standing. Bob told the guard what had just happened and asked if they could stay and chat with him. The guard agreed until his shift was up. When time came for shift change, they asked the same of the next guard. They stayed awake until the sun came up. When it came time for them to leave, they thanked the guard and walked down the mountain. As they walked farther, they saw the rest of their companions sitting on the gound, crying.

“What happened?” Bob asked.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened to us,” one of them said, in between sobs. “After we split up, we saw this house with thir lights still on. We asked to stay for the night and the nice old man agreed, he even gave us food to eat and towels to get washed up. We even watched tv!”


“This is what we woke up to this morning!”

Bob looked around and saw they were apparently sitting on ruins where there once was a building, perhaps the one his friends had slept in.

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