Tales Of OCH

This is a true story that was related to me by a colleague of mine who is now working under the same company as I am. As she do not wish to discuss about the matter anymore. I hereby wish to express her fear to all and hope that everyone will take this as a lesson and stop visiting these places.

I believe that all of us share the same opinion over the name “Old Changi Hospital”, is that the place is “haunted”, and I believe that the name has risen in popularity over the years because many different people have different stories to relate about their past experiences there. Personally to be honest with all of you, me myself have not only once, but twice went to that place to explore, certainly out of curiosity. But luckily for me, I did not have any encounters with “them”.

Initially when my friends gave the idea of visiting that place, I thought that it was just another place that was inhabited and people start creating stories saying that they saw ghosts roaming the place. But the moment I saw the building in the distant, the hairs on my hand were already standing at their ends. And the more I got closer, the more scarier it became. All the girls that we brought along were clutching all the males hand, keep on tugging and hushing us to turn back. But the more they tugged, the more determined we became and not long after, we found ourselves at the entrance. The entire building was engulfed in darkness and I could feel my andrenalin rushing. The feeling was undescribable unless you were there to feel it yourself. Finally, due to the horrific sight and the fear that was onrushing, we turned back and headed towards the bus-stop.

That was a personal experience and now, I am about to start the story that occured on my friend…….

The friend of mine is a malay female and she is turning 28 this year. Her name is Siti. This incident happened a long time ago when she was only at the age of 16. That was when Old Changi Hospital was still functioning. On that fateful night, she decided to pay a visit to her friend that was admitted to the hospital. Among her were two of her other friends, both female. As all of them were plain lazy, they decided to take a shortcut at the side of the building facing the carpark. It was a flight of stairs leading to the second storey of the building. Due to the silence and isolation that surrounded that region, few people dared to take the risk and use that staircase. When they were about to climb the stairs, something caught the eye of my friend, she turned around and horrors of horrors, she saw a white body hanging on a tree situated nearby. Her white and long hair were kind of spreading outwards and standing too! She could not see her face because the back was facing her. She was dumbfounded, her legs rooted to the ground. She just could not move but kept staring at “it”. One of her friends who saw it fainted on the spot and the other who still had the sense to know what was happening rushed up and called a few male friends who were already there to come down. By the time they arrived, that thing was already nowhere in sight but my friend Siti, was still in a daze and her eyes were still on the tree. Here comes the funny part, she actually pee in her pants! It took some time for her to regain senses and when she finally came around, she realized that her friends were shaking her vigorously, before she broke down into tears. The guys kept asking what had happened but I guess only the three ladies know for themselves.

The reason why I am telling all of you this is to hope that you all will learn a lesson out of other people’s experience, especially those mischevious ones. Never let your curiosity overcome you because “curiosity killed the cat”. You might not know that you are the next victim. The best is to keep away from “them” and they won’t come and harrass you.

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