Teletubbies Evil

Before long, i heard of the saying that teletubbies is haunted but i thought it was a joke until one incident.

As i was on attachment in NUH, in pediatric ward, there’s a young cute gal admitted juz for being paranoid….The purpose was to put her under observation as she was behaving odd and stange at home and school. From what her parents told was she used to be a cheerful and intelligent student but eversince one drastic incedent change her life, she no longer talk to anyone, even her parents. She no longer wants to go to school and the thing was dat, she won’t eat anymore. Everyday her parent have to force her mouth open and forced her to swallow.

All she does is sits at one corner staring at one direction and the mysterious thing was dat she enters all the rooms in her house except one room which is used to be her room. And the only words that come out from her mouth is “Telletubbies is EVILL!!!!!, they want to kill me in that room, help me, help me!!” None of the doctors could help her, no medication works for her. At last, the whole family move house, and i don’t hear any news from her anymore.

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